We Are Southern Kentucky's Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians & Air Duct Cleaners

We are a local business that loves Bowling Green and the SOKY area. As a business we would love the opportunity to serve you, your family, or commercial business. We do that by providing a number of different services that keep your home safe from dryer fires (the most common cause of house fires), keep your dryer running efficiently (saving you time and money), and keep your home up to code and free of problems related to damaged or faulty dryer vent systems. A passion of ours is to inform the SOKY area of the real danger of dryer fires and provide a service that keeps you and your family safe.

We also have a passion to save you money! My wife does most of the laundry in our home and with two children our family produces a lot of laundry. We are always looking for ways to save money and when we learned that by cleaning our dryer of lint and debris, as well as cleaning our clogged vent system, we would save on average of $100-$200 a year it became a passion of mine to communicate this to other families looking to save and steward their money well!

So, by contacting us for a Dryer and Dryer Vent cleaning you will not only keep you and your family safe from the lurking danger of a dryer fire but you will also pay for the service and more with the increased efficiency of your dryer!