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Your dryer may be trying to tell you something, there are some tell tale signs that may indicate your vent is clogged, faulty, or damaged. Acting fast could help save you from the dangers and costliness that come from an inefficient dryer and dryer vent system.



If you notice that your clothing is damp after a cycle and you’re having to reduce your load size or run a second cycle, this can be a strong indicator that your dryer isn’t operating correctly. A clogged vent restricts airflow making your dryer inefficient and dangerous.


You may notice that there is an excessive amount of lint behind, around, or underneath your dryer. This indicates that your vent may be clogged and isn’t properly terminating lint to the outside of your home. Lint is highly flammable; it only takes a small spark or shock for it to ignite. Don’t delay if you see excessive lint around your dryer or on your clothing.


A common symptom of a clogged dryer vent is a dryer that is hot to the touch or a dryer that is shutting off during a cycle. As airflow becomes restricted the hot air your dryer produces isn’t able to properly vent. Your dryer may be getting excessively hot, which can damage your clothing or even result in a fire. If your dryer is shutting off, it is because the High Limit thermal switch is protecting your dryer from a fire. These switches are safety features that keep your dryer from exceeding unsafe temperatures. However, if this occurs just a handful of times those switches will begin to fail leaving you and your dryer unregulated and at a high risk of a dryer fire. Buying a new dryer will not fix this problem; in a matter of time the same thing will begin to occur to your new dryer. A dryer vent cleaning is the only solution.


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