We Are Southern Kentucky's Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians & Air Duct Cleaners



Air ducts are the lungs of our homes, oftentimes the indoor air quality of our homes are worse than that of highly polluted cities. Air duct cleaning can dramatically improve the air quality of your home and the efficiency of your HVAC unit.


If we find lint in your Vent system we will get it out. With our industry leading equipment we will clean your Vent from end to end making sure that any lint or blockage is removed. This is so important for your dryer, efficiency, and fire prevention. A clogged Dryer Vent can cause all kinds of problems that will cost you money and potentially a lot more.


Often times your Dryer Vent system just needs repaired or rerouted. You may think the problem is your Dryer, more times than not it is actually a damaged Vent or a Vent system that was installed incorrectly or inefficiently. Repairing or rerouting can be a fraction of the cost of buying a new dryer. So before you do that, you might want us to inspect it for you. If you notice any damage to your Vent system or transition hose, let us know about it. The hot moisture coming from your Dryer is finding its way out of your damaged Vent and into your walls, attic, floors, etc. You could potentially have a much bigger problem on your hands if you delay. Also, if your vent isn’t terminating out through an exterior wall but is shooting into your attic, crawlspace, or garage, schedule an appointment with us. Not only is that against all building codes, it is also festering and growing mold inside your structured home. We do not want you breathing that in! Let us come solve that problem!


The best way to keep birds from making their home inside your home is to install or replace faulty bird guards. Most homes in the SOKY area just have a backdraft damper that opens when air is flowing and closes when the Dryer isn’t operating. The problem is most of these don’t close all the way leaving an invitation for birds, bugs, and even snakes to come on in! We will install the proper guard to help keep your Vent running efficiently while keeping out any critters! We also provide termination hoods of various colors and material to best match the exterior of your home.


Birds love to make their nest in cozy dark holes. There are few places better than your Dryer Vent! A birds nest in your Vent can restrict your airflow up to 90% which will cause all sorts of problems for your dryer and create a dangerous fire hazard. We have the tools to remove a birds nest or any other debris lodged in your Vent system. Check out the WARNING SIGNS above. If you are experiencing multiple signs, you might have a bird nest in your Vent. Give us a call!


Upon arrival we will send an endoscope through sections of your Vent system. We’ll take air velocity readings of your Dryer and the Dryer Vent. After those inspections we’ll determine if you need a cleaning or not. The video inspection will also help if we need to find a faulty section of your Vent so that we can easily pinpoint the problem and provide a solution!


The transition hose is what connects your dryer to the wall. The flexible slinky like hose is actually a very important piece within your Dryer Vent system. If your hose is made out of plastic or foil you could be at risk of a dryer fire.  Cheap hoses that you can buy at any home improvement store are not up to code and catch lint over time. Most of the hoses we encounter also seem to be damaged, crushed, and kink easily.  We install the safest and highest quality transition hoses available.